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The Cloud County Genealogical Society has published books for sale.  The books are for the use of the purchaser and our members.  These books are copyright protected and must NOT be reproduced on the Internet.

Our Cemetery books cover all known cemeteries in Cloud County, Kansas, and are printed in four volumes.

  • Vol #1 covers the Townships of Elk, Lawrence, Sibley, Nelson and Shirley plus the city of Clyde.  

  • Vol #2 covers the Townships of Aurora, Center, Colfax, Meredith, Oakland and Starr plus the cities of Aurora and Miltonvale.

  • Vol #3 covers Pleasant Hill and St. Concordia Cemeteries in the city of Concordia.

  • Vol #4 covers the Townships of Lyon, Arion, Buffalo, Grant, Summit and Solomon plus the cities of Glasco and Jamestown.

The Early Death books contain information on deaths before the State of Kansas required death certificates in Mid-1911.  This information has been compiled from newspapers, cemetery records and funeral home records.  

  • Vol #1 is prior to 1903

  • Vol #2 is 1903 to 1911

* The 1875 Kansas Census does NOT cover Lincoln, Elk or Shirley Townships.

** Any applicable taxes using your tax rate need to be added to these prices.

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