Links to Genealogy Websites and other helpful information

                Free sites       This site is locally based, find your ancestors and dig in       A great search engine.      You can find almost everything here.       passengers who came thru from 1892-924       National Archives with lots of good information     a lot of free information here     the LDS site in Salt Lake City, Ut.      Government Land Patent Records    History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy

                  Membership Sites       LOTS of good information here.  
          Just type in a name / information and you see what you find.

                  Research links

     www,         U.S Census records        Offical St. of Kansas site​      helpful tips for genealogy research      Sons of Confederate Veterans Confederate Graves Registry      Sons of Confederate Veterans Grave Registry     New York City passenger arrivals: 1830-1892)       U. S. Citizenship & Immigration Services      Immigrant Ships Transcribers Notes       Research links and other help      Missouri Death Certificates       Research links and references       Family tree charts and other fun stuff
​      Kansas Dept of Health - Marriage / Death Certificates
​      Kansas St. Historical Society         Library of Congress Newspaper Project   
​     ​          Prisoner of War Camp Concordia during WW II           Affordable access to vital records & research topics        Ships records, church records, military, Huguenots and more
  ​   www.genealogybuff. com              Starter kit for the new researcher, ideas and look-ups     
     www,    ​             Genealogy books & cd's to help you find your family tree
​                                 Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies