Over the years, for our newsletter, CCSG members have collected, compiled, and indexed the names and dates of marriages in Cloud County. Currently the index covers 1867 to 1899, and contains almost 9,000 names and dates. If you are looking for marriage information for your family research, we would be happy to check the index to confirm the marriage. If needed, we will make a copy of the marriage record for you, or simply provide you with the information from the record for your family tree.

We make regular trips to the courthouse to add to the marriage records for our newsletter so the index will continue to grow.


​Several years ago CCGS began to collect information from every cemetery in Cloud Co. Kansas and compiled this information into cemetery books for easier location of family members. We reviewed existing cemetery records and older funeral home records. We then took all the information we had collected and walked each cemetery to confirm these records we had. This monumental project, completed by numerous volunteers, produced four cemetery books which have been periodically updated. Each update begins with walking the cemetery to confirm new information.

Death Certificates were NOT REQUIRED by the St. of Kansas before July of 1911. Obtaining a certificate for a death before 1911 is not possible. 

In addition to the burial information we also have a good collection of death records. The records are copies of information sent to the St. of Kansas for death certificates. We do have access to some information on deaths before 1911 and will be happy to take a look for your ancestor.